職稱: 教授

姓名: 楊政樺

研究專長: 航空法學、航空運務、旅運行為研究、計量心理學
學年度 期刊等級 論文名稱(篇名)
109SSCI,The Analysis of Critical Success Factors for In-Town Check-In in Taiwan
109其他,Exploring the Competency of Ground Service Staff: the Application of Interdisciplinary Education in College via the DACUM Analysis Method
108TSSCI,Factors Affecting Passengers' Use Intention for Low Cost Carrier Mobile Apps: The Case of AirAsia X
108SSCI,Difference in the Perception of Aesthetic Labour of Airlines and High-speed Rail Cabin Occupants between Industry and Academia -- Discussion on Cross-Curricular Credit Programs
107SCI,The Impact of Sustainable Environmental Management in the Food and Beverage Industry on Customer Loyalty: A View of Brand Attitude
106其他,影響乘客選擇搭乘平價航空公司之研究-多元尺度法的應用 Factors Affecting Passenger Choice of Low Cost Carriers:A Multidimensional Scaling Application
105SSCI,Sky Glamour: Customers’ Expected Aesthetic Characteristics Considering Cabin Crew and Passenger Perspectives
105SSCI,A View of Aesthetic Labour Practice in Higher Technical and Vocational Education
103TSSCI,服務便利性與企業信譽對高鐵APP使用意圖影響探討-兼論企業信譽的調節角色 Study on the Effects of Service Convenience and Corporate Credibility on the Intention to Use Taiwan High Speed Rail App: Moderating Role of Corporate Credibility
103其他,Did Technology Improve Safety: An Empirical Study of Controlled Flight into Terrain Accidents
103TSSCI,建構高鐵乘客使用APP訂票通關服務之行為模式 Customer Acceptance Model on Mobile Application for Taiwan High Speed Rail
103EI,Aviation Cabin Safety Situated Learning Education Design-An Empirical Study for Elementary Students
103其他,涉入性、知覺價值、忠誠度、滿意度與重遊意願之關係研究-以來台自由行陸客為例 Relationship among Involvement, Perceived Value, Loyalty, Satisfaction and Revisiting Intention: An Empirical Study on Mainland Individual Tourists
103SSCI,The Interactions of Stock Prices and Exchange Rates in the ASEAN-5 Countries: New Evidence Using a Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Approach
103其他,Which Factors Affect Passengers' Intention to Use the Automated Immigration Clearance System (e-Gate)?
103TSSCI,流不流漣、百年依戀:陸客來臺自由行之行為意圖 Lingering upon Century-old Sentiment: Chinese Tourists' Behavioral Intention of Independent Travel in Taiwan
103其他,國境線防範大陸地區人士虛偽結婚來台面談機制之典型案例遭逢困境探討 Typical Pattern Analysis and its Predicament of Marriage Interview to Deter Sham Marriage by People from China
103其他,OSP(B) の地元課題解決型授業への転換を図る取り組み~課題としてのインバウンドチャーター誘致に関する取り組み
102TSSCI,行動商務顧客服務因素與市場區隔探討-以台灣高鐵手機快速訂票通關服務為例 The Service Factors and Market Segmentation for Mobile Commerce Customers: An Empirical Study on T Express of Taiwan High Speed Rail
102其他,桃園機場從事境內管制區營運博弈事業之可行性研究 Feasibility Study on Establishment for Gaming Industry in Taoyuan International Airport
102EI,Development Strategies of Ultralight Aviation in Taiwan
101其他,臺灣高鐵標準車廂及臺鐵自強號常乘顧客再購動機暨市場觀察:羅序模式之應用 The Study of Repeat Patrons' Repurchase Motivation on Tze-Chiang Express of Taiwan Railway and Standard Car of Taiwan High Speed Rail: The Application of Rasch Model
101其他,徳山大学 OSP(B)2012 年度実施報告
101EI,國際民航法規事務變革對我國未來無人駕駛航空器系統發展影響之研究 The Future Challenges on Researches and Developments of Civil Unmanned Aircraft System in Taiwan
101其他,台湾餐旅教育簡史 (1977-2001) 李福登氏の貢献を中心に
100SSCI,Exploring the Perceived Competence of Airport Ground Staff in Dealing with Unruly Passenger Behaviors
100其他,華籍旅客對網路預辦登機使用阻礙之研究 An Empirical Study on Chinese Passengers' Incompetence of Web Check-in Procedures
99EI,機坪勤務人員飛安訓練課程配置之研究 Aviation Safety Curriculum Planning on Ramp Workers
99其他,以專家觀點評析航空公司推行網路報到服務之策略內涵 Strategy Implications of Airlines' Web Check-in: An Evaluation of Experts' Considerations
99EI,應用羅序模式探討華籍空服員處理滋擾乘客之應變能力與難度研究 Applying the Rasch Measurement to Explore the Abilities and Difficulties of Chinese Cabin Crew in Airlines in Terms of Handling the Unruly Passengers
97SSCI,Do Airline Self-Service Check-in Kiosks Meet the Needs of Passengers?
97SSCI,Explore Airlines Brand Niches through Measuring Passengers Repurchase Motivation-An Application of Rasch Measurement
96其他,應用離散型順序反應值資料轉換法探討空運旅客對科技型服務接觸滿意度之研究 Applying the Data Transformed Method of Discrete Nature of the Ordinal Responses to Measure the Air-Passenger Satisfaction on Technology-Based Service Encounters
96其他,應用排序普羅比資料轉換法探討大陸觀光遊客對台灣旅遊服務品質之知覺重視度與實際體驗滿意度之研究 Applying the Ordered Probit Data Transformed Method to Measure the Chinese Tourists' Perception of Importance Degree and the Satisfaction of Actual Experience on Taiwan Tourism Service Quality
96其他,以Rasch模式探討自助旅行者之海外旅遊阻礙感認 Applying Rasch Model to Explore the Perceived Constraints of Outbound Travel for Individual Travelers
95TSSCI,北高航線服務遞送滿意關鍵因素暨市場觀察分析 Marketing Observation on the Critical Factors of Airline Service-delivery Satisfaction for Taipei-Kaohsiung Route
95其他,航空公司第一線服務人員之組織承諾、專業承諾與顧客期望服務態度之探討-以神馳經驗為干擾變項 The Study of Airline's Front-Line Staffs among Organizational Commitment, Professional Commitment, and Expected Service Attitudes of Customer Based on Flow Experience
94TSSCI,以關鍵事件技術及劇場理論探討航空公司服務遞送滿意之研究-以台港航線為例 Applying the Critical Incident Technique and Dramaturgical Theory to Measure the Airlines Service-delivery Satisfaction--An Empirical Study of Taiwan-Hong Kong Route
93其他,Challenge of Civil Aviation Security Infrastructure
93EI,重大飛航事故之飛安體系風險管理分析 Analysis of Aviation Occurrence Using Aviation Safety Community Risk Management Model Approach
93其他,民用航空運輸業網站經營商業模式的分析與建構 The Analysis and Construction of Business Models on the Internet for Civil Air Transport Enterprise
91其他,航空電子化服務對旅運者選擇行為影響之研究 The Effect of Airlines E-service on Traveler's Choice Behavior