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    1052017,A View of Aesthetic Labour Practice in Higher Technical and Vocational Education,Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education [EURASIA] (SSCI)【本期刊名列美國科學情報研究所社會科學引文索引 (Social Science Citation Index; SSCI) 收錄期刊】,ISSN: 1305-8223 (electronic); ISSN: 1305-8215 (print),13,1 (SSCI)ED.YANG
    1052016,Developing a dual-perspective low-carbon tour evaluation index system for travel agencies,Journal of Sustainable Tourism,24,12 (SSCI)Ph.D Hsiao
    1052016,Investigating the difference between tourist age groups with environment education indicators,International Journal of Research,3,17 (Other)Yin-chun,WANG
    1052016,品牌來源國行銷通路、炫耀性消費對購買意願影響之研究-旅遊觀點,休閒事業研究,14,3 (Other)Liang-Chin,CHEN
    1052016,Collaborating pivotal suppliers: Complementarities, flexibility, and standard communication between airline companies and travel agencies,Journal of Air Transport Management,55 (SSCI)Ching-hua,HO
    1052016,民宿吸引力與遊客滿意度忠誠度之關聯研究-以阿里山鄒族部落為例,休閒與遊憩研究 (Other)RYAN,WU
    1052016,MOTIVES OF STUDENTS FROM MAINLAND CHINA STUDYING ABROAD AT KINMEN : AN EXPLORATORY PERSPECTIVE,Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala/ Review of Research and Social Intervention (SSCI)RYAN,WU
    1052016,Effects of Web-Based Creative Thinking Teaching on Students' Creativity and Learning Outcome,Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education (SSCI)RYAN,WU
    1042016,Creating shared value through implementing green innovation for star hotels,Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research,21,6 (SSCI)Ph.D Hsiao
    1042016,The cooperation model between tourism development and traditional culture: New perspectives on regional context,Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change,14,2 (SSCI)Ph.D Hsiao
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