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1042016,The Relationships among Supply Chain Partnerships, Customer Orientation, and Operational Performance: the Effect of Flexibility,Information Systems and e-Business Management,Accept, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1042015,Intimate Knowledge Initiators: Bonding the Suppliers and Buyers in the Online Group-Shopping Environment,Internet Research,25,1, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1042015,Cultivating Travelers’ Revisit Intention Toward e-Tourism Service: The Moderating Effect of Website Interactivity,Behaviour & Information Technology,34,5, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1042014,Transition Process Activities and Team Efficacy of Flight Attendants,Journal of Air Transport Management,40, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1022014,Functional Integration and Systems Implementation of Customer Relationship Management in Hotel Industry: A Multilevel Analysis.,International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making,,13,1, (SCI)Edward,KU
1022014,Technological Competence and Team Cohesiveness among Travel Agencies.,The Service Industries Journal.,Accepted, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1022014,Putting Forth Marketing Competencies Strength with Collaborating Partners in the Hotel Industry.,Service Business,,Accepted, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1012013,Distributed Fascinating knowledge over an Online Travel Community,International Journal of Tourism Research,accepted, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1012013,Bridging Indistinct Relationships and Online Loyalty: Evidence from Online Interest-Based Communities,Online Information Review,accepted, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1012012,Partner Choice: Adaptation of Strategic Collaboration between Travel Agencies,Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research,Accepted, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1012012,惡質顧客行為對空服人員服務破壞意圖之影響,運輸計劃季刊,41,3, (TSSCI)Edward,KU
1012012,Beyond Price, How Does Trust Encourage Online Group’s Buying Intention?,Internet Research,32,5, (SSCI)Edward,KU
1002011,中華航空公司品質管理導入、顧客導向、知識分享對組織公民行為與工作績效的影響,運輸計劃季刊,40,3, (TSSCI)Edward,KU
1002011,Recommendations from a Virtual Community as a Catalytic Agent of Travel Decisions.,Internet Research,21,(3), (SSCI)Edward,KU
1002011,Strategic Alignment Leverage Between Hotels and Companies: the Buyer-Supplier Relationship Perspective,International Journal of Hospitality Management,30(3),735-745, (SSCI)Edward,KU
992010,Ku, Edward (2010). The Impact of Customer Service through Implementation of Information Systems.,Total Quality Management & Business Excellence,21,11, (SSCI)Edward,KU
992010,Fan, Yi-Wen. and Ku, Edward (2010). Customer Focus, Service Process Fit and Customer Relationship Management Profitability: the Effect of Knowledge Sharing.,The Service Industries Journal,30,2, (SSCI)Edward,KU
982010,Customer Focus, Service Process Fit and Customer Relationship Management Profitability: the Effect of Knowledge Sharing.,The Service Industries Journal,30,2, (SSCI)Edward,KU
982009,Job Demand, Emotional Awareness, and Job Satisfaction of Internship: the Moderating Effect of Social Support.,Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal,37,10, (SSCI)Edward,KU
982009,The Decision Making in Selecting Online Travel Agencies: An Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process.,Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing,26,5, (Other)Edward,KU
982009,Knowledge Sharing and Customer Relationship Management in the Travel Service Alliances.,Total Quality Management & Business Excellence,20,12, (SSCI)Edward,KU
982008,On-Line Pricing in the Hotel Industry: A Multilevel Analysis.,The Journal of Global Business Management.,4,1, (Other)Edward,KU
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(Workshop)顧景昇、楊俊明、黃明一(2010),產品創新、策略選擇傾向與組織績效:願景 式領導的調節效果。第七屆服務業管理與創新學術研討會,台南:南台科技 大學,15-Oct-2010。(佳作論文獎) Edward,KU
(Workshop)顧景昇、楊俊明、賴妙妍(2010),品質管理導入、顧客導向、知識分享對組織 公民行為與工作績效的影響。第七屆服務業管理與創新學術研討會,台南: 南台科技大學,15-Oct-2010。(優等論文獎) Edward,KU
(Workshop)Yang, C.M., Ling, I. L. and Ku, Edward. (2010). Service Provider’s Babyfaces and Customer Satisfaction in Service Failure Situations, American Marketing Association Summer Educators’ Conference, Boston, MA. 13-16 Aug, 2010. (Best Paper Award) Edward,KU
(Workshop)Ku, Edward (2010). How Virtual Community Influence Travel Products Purchasing Decisions: The Flow Experience Perspective. The 2010 International Conference on Business and Information (BAI2010). Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura, Kitakyushu, Japan, 5-7 July, 20 Edward,KU
(Workshop)楊俊明、凌儀玲、顧景昇(2010),服務失敗下顧客對具備娃娃臉特質第一線員 工的評估反應 ,。2010 國立中興大學行銷研究學術交流論壇,台中,國立中 興大學。19 March, 2010 Edward,KU
(Workshop)The 9th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Business, Edward,KU
(Workshop)2009 旅遊、休閒、健康學術研討會 Edward,KU
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