College Introduction

 This college was restructured into a technical college in the 2000 academic year, adding both a 2-year program and a senior college in-service continuing education department; furthermore, in the 2002 academic year, it added a 4-year program. At that time, the college was with the department of travel management and the department of airline services. In the 2003 academic year, the 4-year department of leisure management was founded, and in 2004 the institute of tourism management was set up; meanwhile, the department of continuing education had also set up four-year and two-year professional travel and airline departments. In the 2009 academic year the bachelor’s program in tourism management was established, while the Ministry of Education issued its approval to start the first national doctor class for research on tourism management and a Master program in transportation and leisure service management. All of these improvements were made to help students who aspire to a hospitality and tourism education achieve their wishes through more channels, as well as to prove that the college cultivates and directs its students in accordance with current developments and that domestic hospitality and tourism education are developing vigorously. The college implements its strategy based on the faith of humanistic concern and then actively builds core values of professionalization, commercialization and globalization within the college to create a college that will offer one of the most competitive hospitality and tourism educations in all of Asia.

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